Timeout trainer training

In the Timeout trainer training you will learn how to train others to plan and implement Timeout discussions as well as how to teach dialogue facilitation. You will receive training in how to teach the Timeout model and you will get to know the training material. During the training you will plan your own Timeout training. In addition to this, you will receive tips on how to adapt what you have learnt in your work and your own organisation.

For whom?

The training is meant for organisations and people who want to organise Timeout facilitator trainings either for their own organisation or as a service to sell to others.

Participants should have completed the Timeout facilitator training or have sufficient experience with organising Timeout discussions.


  • You will delve into training the Timeout model and will master the training material
  • You will learn to train others in planning and implementing Timeout discussions
  • You will learn to teach facilitating dialogue
  • You can plan your own Timeout training
  • You will receive tips for using what was leant in your own work and organisation

The contents and schedule of the training

The training consists of two days of contact teaching as well as planning a training, and conducting experiments outside the contact teaching days. In addition to the contact teaching days, you should reserve time for experiments between training days.


The price of the training is 600 euros (+ VAT 24%). The price includes the contact teaching days as well as the materials shared to participants and the instructions for working between the contact teaching days as well as morning and afternoon coffee on the teaching days.


Olli-Pekka Ahtiainen and Jarkko Soininen are experienced professionals in dialogical facilitation and training. They are experienced trainers and implementers with the Timeout model. They both have broad expertise in teaching dialogue, developing work communities and organisations, as well as leadership.

We recommend

After the Timeout trainer training, we recommend the Dialogue Implementation package for organisations or the additional training for Timeout facilitators, the Dialogical Leadership or Successful Invitations training.

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