What academy?

The Dialogue Academy is an educator, a community and a meeting place. We bring people together who want to promote dialogue, democracy and ecological sustainability.

How to join?

You can join our activities in many ways: in our open dialogue evenings, trainings and other events. You can learn how to facilitate dialogue and receive tools to use dialogue in different areas of life.

need help for dialogue!

You can request one of our experts to help promote dialogue in your community, organisation or societal action.

Our goal?

We want dialogue to be a basic skill for all citizens in Finland and abroad. We believe that through dialogue, democracy can rise to respond to the ongoing ecological crisis.

At first it may sound surprising that dialogical practices from Finland are spreading around the world, as Finns do not usually consider themselves particularly skilled in conversation. However, this spread is no made-up advertisement nor even a completely new phenomenon.

Finnish dialogue is spreading around the world

Dialogue evenings

In our dialogue evenings, everyone has the opportunity to experience dialogue. The discussions are based around a visitor or theme with perspectives from art and science. Join us.

Dialogical discussions?

Dialogical discussions aim to increase understanding in the matters at hand, about other people and oneself. Dialogue is the necessary core of democracy to strengthen each person’s participation, equality and freedom.

Refe- rences

For those who still need convincing.

A broad field

We have renewed dialogue in many contexts both in Finland and abroad. Our operations in Finland have reached over 300 organisations and work communities in the public, private and third sectors.

Many levels

We are constantly working at different levels of society: from nurseries, schools and community organisations to universities, welfare regions and government departments.

Deep in dialogue

Our work is supported by substantial research and we have written many articles and books about dialogue, learning and democracy.

Shall we have a timeout?

We were in a central role in developing the Timeout model and in past years we have also expanded our operations abroad by teaching dialogue around Europe and the world to over fifty different nationalities.

Join us?

In the community you can get to know others and have constructive discussions.