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Our online course ”Introduction to Dialogue” will be published in February 2023. Check the trailer!


The Dialogue Academy offers dialogue trainings based on vast expertise. Most of the trainings are tailored events for communities, organisations and networks. Trainings are also done abroad.

Dialogical Leadership

In our Dialogical Leadership training you will learn how to build communities and organisations in a dialogical manner as a leader. You will understand the central ideas of dialogical leadership and you will be able to use dialogical methods in your community. In the training we work on skills connected to your role as a leader, such as anticipation, as well as questions about open and equal use of power and the different roles of a dialogical leader.

Dialogist training

In our Dialogist training you will learn the basics of dialogue, facilitating it and adapting it to different types of work or group situations. You will learn how to speak in dialogue and to affect discussions with your own actions in a way that directs the interaction in a constructive direction. You will also learn to use dialogue as a tool of self-knowledge and understand what a dialogical approach means.

Timeout facilitator training

In the Timeout facilitator training you will learn the Timeout discussion model and how to facilitate constructive discussions. You will also learn the principles of dialogue and receive practical tips on how to use Timeout discussions in your work and organisation.

Timeout trainer training

In the Timeout trainer training you will learn how to train others to plan and implement Timeout discussions as well as how to teach dialogue facilitation. You will receive training in how to teach the Timeout model and you will get to know the training material. During the training you will plan your own Timeout training. In addition to this, you will receive tips on how to adapt what you have learnt in your work and your own organisation.

Timeout facilitator additional training

In the additional training for Timeout facilitators you will learn about facilitating on a deeper level. The training is planned according to the participants’ needs. It contains facilitating challenging situations as well as an understanding of how to reach good dialogue. You will also learn how to bring the discussion to a deeper level and how to move onward constructively from conflict situations. You will understand how you can affect the success of the discussion in the planning and inviting stages and how to ensure the impact of the discussion.

Introduction to Dialogue and/or Timeout

In the introduction to dialogue you can get to know the basics of dialogue: directing it and adapting it to different work or group situations as well as to society.
In the Timeout training you can learn how to organise Timeout discussions and learn about the tools used. The training aims to help you adopt Timeout and to independently facilitate the discussions.
The trainings can be tailored to your schedule, lasting only two hours or taking up to an entire day.

Other services

Broader packages that can be combined with trainings.

Dialogue advisor

Request an advisor from the Dialogue Academy to promote dialogue in your organisation. An advisor will help your organisation implement dialogue in the organisation or unit, for example by developing practices (for instance for events, encounters, participation, meetings, teamwork, client meetings) in a more dialogical direction or by supporting management in changes or by participating in creating materials. The advisor can also coach the personnel in questions relating to dialogue. This is planned together with the client and it usually also includes a Dialogue Academy training session.

Dialogue implementation package

A dialogue implementation package is a broad entity for implementing dialogue extensively in an entire unit or organisation. The implementation package is planned together with the client and the process usually lasts at least half a year and it includes both a dialogue advisor and trainings.

Crisis dialogues

You can request one of our experts to help promote dialogue in your community, organisation or societal activity in a situation with an inflamed culture of conversation.

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