Dialogue creates a foundation for debate, negotiation, and consensus

The normal state of a democratic society always includes disagreements. These can actually be thought of as the cause of democracy functioning well. Citizens who are equal and free among each other will most likely not end up with completely identical views on which things are the most valuable and in which ways these values […]

Finnish dialogue is spreading around the world

At first it may sound surprising that dialogical practices from Finland are spreading around the world, as Finns do not usually consider themselves particularly skilled in conversation. However, this spread is no made-up advertisement nor even a completely new phenomenon.

Life in Finland during the lockdown

Anxiety about others and oneself, the strengthening of communality, the blaming and the guilt, the astonishment and joy in relation to the digital leap, the acknowledgement of social injustices and the reflecting on an uncertain future.

How to facilitate a dialogue remotely

A dialogue is best held face-to-face but it can also be very successful through remote connections. For most participants, attending a dialogue online, remotely, may be a bit challenging and uncomfortable, but it also has some advantages. In this piece, we will share what we have learned so far about online dialogues and what you should consider when facilitating a dialogue remotely. We hope it will encourage you to try and learn to facilitate dialogues remotely!

Dialogical Leadership and Power

β€œTo be able to develop a new type of leadership which fits into a democratic society – and its diverse work culture – we must explore the core aspects of power and think about what it means to lead people that are equal but different.”



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