Conversation festival LAMPA: Why and how to talk to a stranger?

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The need to communicate with each other is one of the basic human needs. Appreciation and sense of acceptance is something everybody strives for. Disagreeing, sharing views on challenging and controversial  issues  that are high on society’s political agenda can be very difficult. Since conflict,  compromise, debate are intrinsic to democracy, we have to find ways to communicate across political and ideological differences.

This session will draw on experiences of initiatives that are striving to improve culture of political debates and social cohesion. With inputs from Germany, Finland and Latvia, the purpose of this session is to discuss value, methods and challenges relating to promoting frank debate and discourse among people of a different viewpoints in a polarised world.


Ieva Morica, Director and co-founder of Conversation festival LAMPA, executive director of Foundation for an Open Society DOTS
Cornelia Reichel, Cultural manager
Kai Alhanen, Director and trainer DialogiAkatemia
Philip Faigle, Special Projects Editor at Germany’s leading news website ZEIT ONLINE

Moderated by

Markus Lux, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development and International Relations, Robert Bosch Stiftung

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