Successful Invitations training

In our Successful Invitations training you will learn how to reach all the participants you want in your events. Usually the problem is not that the event is boring, but rather that the invitation process has not worked. You will learn to implement the invitation process in a way that the participants are engaged and motivated already before coming to the event and you will receive tools to activate those people who do not normally participate.

The success of events is significantly affected by getting the right people and groups to participate and how you direct them beforehand to participate actively in the event.

For whom?

This training is for people who organise events or participate in planning, organising or communicating about them.

Participants should have an event coming up for which we can help plan and implement the invitation process during the training.


  • You can organise an event around an uninspiring or challenging topic yet still find participants
  • You will understand what a successful invitation process requires
  • You will learn how to implement a successful invitation process
  • You will find the participants you wish

The contents and schedule of the training

The training consists of lectures and planning your own invitation process. In addition to the two half-days of contact teaching, you should reserve time for sparring and implementing the invitation process.


  • Lecture on the invitation process, different ways of inviting and resource needs
  • Clarifying the need for the event as well as its objectives and impact
  • Defining the target group
  • Defining ways of inviting
  • Writing general invitations and personalised invitations
  • Sparring for the invitation text and process


The price of the training is 200 euros (+ VAT 24%).

The price includes the contact teaching days as well as the materials shared to participants and the instructions for working between the contact teaching days as well as morning and afternoon coffee on the teaching days.


Janne Kareinen is a professional in dialogue, participation and interaction. He has developed different invitation practices and has taught these to many others both while working at Sitra to build the Timeout model as well as while producing numerous popular cultural city events.

Jarkko Soininen is an experienced professional in dialogical facilitation and training. He is an experienced trainer and implementer with the Timeout model. He has broad expertise in teaching dialogue, developing work communities and organisations, as well as leadership.

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